43 proven CRO strategies to increase your leads, sales and revenue

Boost your marketing performance with an extensive list of conversion design best practices to audit your landing pages

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In this Conversion Optimization Checklist you'll discover:

  • An often-overlooked (yet crucial) detail that can improve your landing page's results BEFORE the prospect even lands on it
  • One simple question to ask before hitting publish on your next landing page (if you can't quickly answer this one, your funnel is dead in the water...)
  • A conversion-design trick that will make your CTAs 10x more powerful (your call-to-action buttons will stick out like a sore thumb)
  • The ruthless mindset you need to be in while editing your copy (plus, one question that will help you instantly get rid of the fluff)
  • "Low hanging fruit" opportunities to boost your landing page's effectiveness without redoing it from scratch (you can apply most of them today!)

And that's only for starters. You'll want to keep this list as a template in Notion and run every single landing page through it before you go live!

Run a full conversion optimization audit on your landing pages

Best practices

Go through the basic principles behind high-converting landing pages. Getting these right puts you ahead of 99% of other sites.


Does your copy has all the elements it needs to persuade? Will it spring your prospects into action or will it bore them to death?

Design & Layout

Learn what to do to make your landing page go from an expensive mantlepiece to a leads-and-sales-boosting masterpiece.


How to make sure people actually click your CTA buttons and not just ignore them and go back to TikTok.

Make the most of your marketing budget

How much would your business' bottom line increase from an extra % point to your landing page's conversion rate?

Buy $19 USD

About The Author

Hi there! My name is Abraham Aguilera. I'm a conversion designer and for the past 9 years, I've been building funnels for leading marketing agencies, course creators, VC funds, ecommerce brands, and SaaS companies to help them grow their businesses online. After creating 100s of landing pages, I've found what works and what doesn't and I'm sharing it all with you in the checklist above!